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  • Range Facility Rules and Regulations
    Range Facility Rules and Regulations

    Range Facility Rules and Regulations


    1. BERMS: All bullets must directly hit & stop in the dirt “backstop” or berm. Bullets must NOT hit the flat ground. This includes any and all projectiles larger than #7 ½ shot. Always place targets & fire in such a manner that the bullet or projectile will NOT miss the backstop. Do NOT fire in such a manner that the bullet might ricochet off your target, what’s beyond your target or the ground. Do NOT shoot targets resting on the flat ground. Do NOT shoot at targets NEAR the flat ground. DO NOT SET OR SHOOT TARGETS ON TOP OF THE BERMS OR BACKSTOPS, NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not intentionally or unintentionally shoot over the berms. No targets or objects may be placed on the metal silhouette stands on the west side of the road. These stands are for match purposes only and are used only with guidelines under the supervision of the president, range officer and/or match director. No exceptions! YOU MAY ONLY SHOOT TARGETS SITTING WITHIN THE BACKSTOP OR BERM IMPACT AREA, Period. Bullets must travel in such a manner that the projectile will impact only the backstop or berm 2 ft BELOW THE TOP and/or JUST ABOVE the base of the backstop/berm.
    2. TARGETS: It is preferred that paper targets be placed in the target stand and used for target shooting. Do not intentionally shoot the stands. You may however, shoot at paper, cardboard, fruits, vegetables, clay targets, aluminum cans or plastic bottles smaller than the one gallon size. You MUST clean up and police your target area prior to leaving (Refer to section 13). YOU CAN NOT USE GLASS, JUNK COMPUTERS, TV’s, ROCKS, CONCRETE BLOCKS OR ANY TARGET NOT APPROVED PRIOR TO USE. Such debris can cause damage, injury and is unsightly. This facility is not a junk yard. Please respect ours and your range. Those who bend are break this regulation will be suspended from the range facility and further action may be enforced.
    3. RANGE EQUIPMENT AND PROPERTY: Range equipment, such as bench stands, chairs, portable bathrooms, target shacks, match equipment, electricity or any property that belongs solely to the club or is deemed club property, can NOT be removed. Club property CAN NOT BE SHOT OR SHOT AT. Nor can club property be destroyed or altered in anyway will out the approval of the club President. Destroying, shooting or shooting at club property will result in legal action; it is also punishable by fine and imprisonment.
    4. ALCOHOL: No one may shoot when impaired by alcohol or medicines to any extent. The use of illegal drugs or being under the influence of any mind altering substance while at the range will not be tolerated and shall be grounds for immediate ejection from the range facility. Further disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the club may be enforced.
    5. GUEST AND MINORS: You are solely responsible for the conduct and safety of any guest you bring to the range. YOU MAY NOT HAVE GUEST AT THE RANGE UNLESS YOU ARE THERE! Members are only allowed up to 5 guests. You must have the ability to ensure the safety of those guest and others who may be attending the facility. Bring only as many guest as you feel comfortable, ensuring the safety of all those who are at the range. Always be attentive to your children. Do not allow them to wander into harm’s way. Minors or children should only be allowed to handle firearms or ammunition under the guidance of the parent, guardian or an instructor approved by such a person. Children and guest are required to wear hearing and eye protection. You must ensure the safety of your guests and others.
    6. THE GATE: Simple. Gate must be locked at all times even while you are attending the range facility. Gate may be opened for public matches or range repairs under the supervision of a club officer or director.
    7. THE LAW: All members shall abide by all Federal, State and Local laws while using the range facility. No illegal firearms or the use of is permitted on this property. No hunting is allowed unless approved by the club officers prior to doing so. If you have any questions about firearm laws, please inquire with local law enforcement.
    8. MEMBERSHIP INDENTIFICATION: While at the range, all members must posses and VISIBLY WEAR on their outer garment, their membership card. You must be able to present this card to any other member upon demand. Individuals who do not comply are considered trespassing. If a member or trespasser does not comply with the request to identify themselves for any reason, inform the club President and the local law enforcement agency (if necessary) as soon as possible. Please record all information about the incident, vehicle license #, etc.
    9. FIREARM SAFETY: Observe the basic firearms safety rules. A) All guns are always loaded and treated as one. B) Never point a gun at anything you would not destroy. C) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. D) Be sure of your target and what’s behind it. E) Never leave a loaded firearm unattended. F) All firearms not being used shall be made safe by unloading and leaving the action/bolt open. G) Never swing a firearm muzzle as if to sweep the firing line. H) Always keep your muzzle down range.

    10.        DOWN RANGE: No one may be down range of the firing line when any firing is in progress. No one will LOAD, HANDLE or FIRE a weapon while anyone is down range of the firing line.

    1. CEASE FIRE: Anyone observing someone downrange or any safety problem, when firing is occurring, you must immediately call “CEASE FIRE”. Everyone must stop firing and make their weapons safe when the command CEASE FIRE is heard. Stop firing and report all safety concerns when observed.
    2. EYE & EAR PROTECTION: Eye and ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.
    3. LITTER: Clean up your area. Remove all targets, patches, live cartridges, soft drinks, bottles, cans or any other trash brought with you. You can use the trash cans provided, however, if they are full; take your trash with you. Brass does not need to be picked up, BUT remove ALL other trash. Be courteous and considerate of other members. Clean up your trash before leaving.
    4. NOTE: Remember, firearms can be dangerous if they are not handled properly and safety is not practiced at all times. You can not call back a fired bullet or stop the damage it may cause. If you do not understand these rules and regulations, please ask one of the club officers or visit us at the club meeting for a full explanation before possible violations. The safety of our members is our number one concern, let it be yours.


    Red River Rifle and Pistol Club







    Our range is in danger of being closed forever! The property owner to the north and west has bullet holes in his grain elevators and a broken pickup windshield. He also reported that while he is plowing, gunfire will be coming from our range and he can see puffs of dirt in the field while he is working. He believes they are bullets. He has stated that if it did not stop, the range will be shut down. And if anyone on his property was injured, he would sue the RRRPC club. It is possible that he could shut our range down for good!

    There has also been a considerable amount of range damage and vandalism costing members thousands of dollars. This is why there will be a vigorous effort to enforce all the rules in the coming year. Read the rules before you shoot. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure range environment.

    Here are some rules that we hope you pay close attention to:

    1.     You can NOT set targets on top of any berm. No exceptions.

    2.     All targets must be shot within the designed impact areas. Read the rules for a detailed explanation.

    3.     Don’t bring your junk to the range for target practice.

    4.     No targets can be placed on the metal silhouette stands left of the road unless approved by the Range Officer.

    5.     Those who shoot bullets off the range or shoot at club property will be prosecuted to fullest extent possible by law. This includes driving on or disfiguring the berms.

    6.     You must wear your current RRRPC badge while at the range.

    7.     You must accompany and supervise your guest.

    8.     You must pick up all trash and debris that you brought with you, shot at or just fell out of your vehicle. Take this trash with you or deposit it properly inside a trash receptacle. If the trash can is full, take it home.

    9.     Help the club that you are a member of, help each other by not allowing unwanted conduct to occur on your range.

    10.            This is your range! It is a private range and not public property. The range belongs to ALL of us.

    11.            READ THE RULES……….Thank you!


    If any of the RRRPC rules or regulations is broken, you will loose all of your privileges and your membership will be revoked without a refund. Help us stop the misuse of our property and the property around us. Help us save our range! Keep our range clean and shoot safe.





    Admission and Acknowledgement Sign In Sheet

    I will read the rules completely and ask any questions about any rules or regulations that I do not understand prior to discharging a firearm at the “Roy Sutton Memorial Range”. I understand that I am solely responsible for my actions and conduct. I also understand that I am responsible for the actions and conduct of my guest. I will follow and abide by all of the rules and regulations adopted by the Red River Rifle & Pistol Club. I also understand that if I break any of these rules or regulations, my membership will be terminated and I am a subject of legal action if deemed by the Red River Rifle & Pistol Club. My signature below is proof that I understand the obligations for membership at this club.


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